Looking for funding for my StartUp Dairy Farm


I am looking for funding of Rs.6.00Cr for my start up Organic Indian Cow Dairy Farm near Chennai. Projected ROI from 2nd year is above 20% PA.


Do you have a Business Plan and Pitch ready for the same? If not, fill up the form http://www.infocrest.co.uk/contact-us/ and we will get back to you asap



Hi Neha.,

I do have a business plan, and the same has been sent to your contact email id. Please let me know if you require any further details.


+91 99402 65609


Contact the capital advisors or venture investor companies…
For your info…dexter Capitals placed at New delhi is performing good…Its having offices across bangalore,Mumbai, Jaipur…Pls contact 9373120059.


Hi., Thanks for the advise