Looking For Funding : Most affordable laptop in India




We are Primebook, A startup by IIT Delhi alumni.

We are a team of passionate members who collectively envision a greater nation by improving the educational experience of each and every student in the country. Our primary objective is to empower every student and to boost education with the help of involvement of technology in education.

Here at Primebook, we understand that a laptop is an essential gadget for the education of a student. From researching to documenting, with a laptop in hand, studying and learning becomes an easy and interesting experience. However, millions of students cannot afford a laptop due to the overhead costs of Windows OS and Intel processors. Therefore, we have come up with an innovative laptop that efficiently cuts down on cost by 30%, without compromising on performance.

Primebook is an Android based laptop specifically designed for students. It is powered by an ARM processor and uses the PrimeOS, which is a custom ROM built upon Android. PrimeOS is developed to give the user a complete desktop experience along with the easy accessibility of Android. PrimeOS allows the user to access more than 2 million Android apps on Primebook.

Primebook aims to build the basic infrastructure for digital education and digital literacy in India.

The cost of Primebook allows us to complete our mission of enabling every student to have access to a personal laptop so that no one is left behind from empowering their education with technology.

Currently we are looking to raise funds and are ready with finished Prototype.


Please share the details by PM


How soon are u going to introduce this to market ??


We have planned to sell first lot of products to institutes like college, schools, NGOs etc by Jan 2018, just to check the feedback.
As per our roadmap, our first commercial release will be around April 2018.


PM me the details…