Looking for Funding to startup InfraRays



We’re InfraRays - a great place for people serious about Fashion, Home appliances & Health & fitness. http://infrarays.com

We are looking for funding To start the process - The funding may be lesser or higher.
Approaching the customer in unique way and unique way off selling will give good profit.

We’re a young start-up of people that work for your needs in daily life for party, wedding, new home, construction, lifts and Medicines and well-being. We deliver everything from 100 % genuine products smoothly at honest prices.

We do things which are right from Heart. We value genuine & authenticity over everything else.

We sell consumables that you need rather than you want. In such cases, the authenticity & genuine of the product matters. Half the Apparels, footwear, electronics, Medicines, supplement market is flooded with fakes pumped with low quality raw materials and that’s why when you shop whey from us, be sure it is 100% genuine, without any junk.

It’s just our way of telling you that we’ve sourced the product directly and test it before sending it out to you. It is to tell you that what you are having is safe. We mainly concentrate on delivering the emotions to the people to give look & feel of the products in highly.


We undertake online medicines with prescription based products for sale. We follow all the rules & regulation provided by Drugs control department of India.

Kindly reach me on to complete details by email at
rajeev.kr at infrarays.com or ceo at infrarays.com


Hi Rajeev,

Glad to help you.

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This might help you. He is keen to invest in new startups.