Looking for good projects to invest


We can explore the possibilities of investment in Ariprus, we are Industrial IoT platform venture focusing on improving Inventory/supply chain issues of SME in India.
You can reach me at praful.satasia■ariprus.com or +91-99205 10944.Tnx


Hi I am Pavan Kumar from Hyderabad, Actively looking for the Investor or Partner to start one very good business with heigh profits, I am ready with the projects and some other necessery things, need 5lavks INR to 10 Lacks INR budget to start my business, Please reach me on +91 9553226918 or pavankumar.liebe■gmail.com


I recommend to read about development of Mineunit Platform. It is a complex solution for unit’s mining capabilities, protection of your personal data and data encryption. I think it will be available soon. I think you might find it interesting to you as well, take a look https://mineunit.com/.