Looking for good projects to invest


We can explore the possibilities of investment in Ariprus, we are Industrial IoT platform venture focusing on improving Inventory/supply chain issues of SME in India.
You can reach me at praful.satasia■ariprus.com or +91-99205 10944.Tnx


Hi I am Pavan Kumar from Hyderabad, Actively looking for the Investor or Partner to start one very good business with heigh profits, I am ready with the projects and some other necessery things, need 5lavks INR to 10 Lacks INR budget to start my business, Please reach me on +91 9553226918 or pavankumar.liebe■gmail.com


I recommend to read about development of Mineunit Platform. It is a complex solution for unit’s mining capabilities, protection of your personal data and data encryption. I think it will be available soon. I think you might find it interesting to you as well, take a look https://mineunit.com/.


Let me introduce JEEVAK , An AI Powered marketplace for holistic health & Wellness. It provides personalized natural wellness solution on simple chat interface through Ayurveda, Yoga, Panchakarma, SPA, Nutrition, Natural Supplements, and Physiotherapy with their experts advisory.

There is no one stop organized wellness service under one roof. Through Jeevak, we are providing One Stop Wellness solution, aggregating similar to Ola/Uber or Flipkart/Amazon for Natural Wellness.

As we are planning to launch Jeevak in July 2018, I am looking for an opportunity to get funding support in pre launching stage for sustainable


Hi Raghu,
I have been working on different startup ideas and new projects, I will give you support, call me to this number or send me email, 8125336030, rathna.b3■gmail.com


Investing money in cryptocurrencies is quite a good idea but this market is young and risks are really high. There are also not so many services that you can use to make things faster. It took me a few days to find a bitcoin tumbling service that can be trusted.


Hello Sir,
Would you please share mail I’d



please share your email or ping me at rajesh.vermaa306■gmail.com


Let me know if you will invest in recycling of polymers in Bengaluru. Send me an email on ahmedparvez■yahoo.com


Check out our project: Indian Youth Cafe.


We think, design , build and manage sustainable social spaces for youth of today.

Let me know if you’re interested to fund our upcoming projects.



We are a fast growing information technology company. With a talented team of 40+ engineers, Project manager, leam leader, developers. We offer custom software as well as business website design services with portal development services for business applications.

We always believes in customer satisfaction. We are here to serve customers.

We Offer Symfony Development , Laravel Development , Zend Development.

Please Visit our website for more information about Web Development and Mobile Development Services .


Hi Krishna,

We Cropcart company, company connects with farmers with Retailers, wholesalers for selling the Crops. Company deals with commercial crops as well as traditional crops. We have website cropcart.in.

We could convenience the farmers and business wholesalers for selling and transportation of crops. Company charge 8 percent service fee.

We help the farmers as well consumer with reasonable price. Crops business domain around 1lakh crore rupees market scope there in India.
We created webapplications for tomatocart.in, potatocart.in, Onioncart.in, pgcrop.com.

I hopes my company could provides good support for wealth investment opportunity.

Mallikarjuna besthc.
Mallikarjuna.besthc : Skype ID
mallikarjuna.besthc at gmail dot com


Why don’t you just enter the FX market? I think that the idea is worthwile so you may consider it. If you’ll, then don’t forget to visit www.topbrokers.com, cause you can learn a lot from the website as there are huge amounts of really helpful information.