Looking For Investor: Min Inv Rs 2 Crore. ROI 200% within 12 months



Hello everyone,

I have a plan in place which took almost 3 years and now I am certain that it is going to work out.

With a minimum investment of Rs 2 to 3 crores, this company will begin generating profit right from day 30th itself however on profit books it will register net profit from 6th month onwards.

Actually profits will start coming in in just 7 days but I am taking the maximum time here to ensure there is no glitch in set up.

Based on my overall research, there is an easy potential to make anywhere 20 to 30 lacs per month within a year.

The complete breakup of income, expense and profit is mentioned below:

There will be a team of 35 people in the company.

The initial set up cost is around 25 lacs.

I am willing to discuss about the plan and strategy to only those who are willing to take risk to make good money for the company.

Please note that I will be providing equity share of 30% to the investor.
I am keeping my 19% share in buffer to dilute for the future funding from VCs.

Please note that its not any kind of fraud business or such. Its pure IT business which only 0.1% population in India is aware of currently.

If anyone is interested to discuss further can reach out to me at sunil.patel@homeekart.com or can call me at +91 7405544000



Dear Team,

You can refer my linkedin profile to know more about me.


I will be happy to discuss the business plan but would prefer to arrange a meeting and detail it out in front of you. Financial projections can also be discussed at the same time.

I would appreciate if you can arrange a meeting with Mr Garg so that I can brief everything in detail.
It would be more easy to explain and understand the concept when sat together.

Please confirm if you are OK with the same.

Please feel free to call me at +91 7405544000.

Sunil Ishwarlal Patel


Dear Sunil ,

Pl. contact us for funding requirement with complete Business Plan .
Best Regards ,
E mail - anil2566■gmail.com



This is Santosh, I want to raise fund for my stratup Sash.Cash


Hi, I have been reading about startups and investors for a long time now and after a brief research I have come across a few investors which would really be interested in your firm. One of the most influential investor I feel is Praveen Sinha (former co-founder Jabong). He really is keen in investing in startups with a unique idea. Sharing the link with you if you wish to know more. http://mycompany.video/business/startup-might-want-meet-praveen-sinha-md-pincap/