Looking for Investors and Feedback for Ridely



Ridely is a real-time peer to peer ride sharing platform (carpool) with user discovery which makes it different.
With user discovery if a person did not get a ride he can connect and chat with other people going to same location where he wants to go. They can travel together using auto,cab or private vehicles.
This solves the problem where you work in a large organization and people do not know other people in their own office or offices around them who live near to their home , with whom they can share rides or can share travel expenses.
We are growing with a rate of 51% month on month. With 1000+ organic users.

Here is a glimpse of the product.

Ridely is available on play store here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.ridely.android&hl=en
You can look at the screen shots on playstore to get better insight about the product and usage.

Our official website is www.ridely.co , You can see about team and product on this link .
We will launch website app (with booking/search features) before 1 August 2016.
and iOS app by 30 August 2016.

We have sorted solutions for chicken egg problem as well and looking for funds to grow much faster now.
I can share more details , you can send me a pm.

It will be great if you can share your view and feedback about the product :grinning: