Looking for investors for Luxury Handicraft Business


Hast Kargah is a young business into Luxury Handicraft products. We are looking for expansion and thus would require us to invest into expansion operations. We are looking for people/companies who would be interested in investing in our company and could also mentor us into developing the business.



you can cotact me on mundadabrijesh■gmail,com with your details.


Hi There,

As someone who has worked in the fashion industry for global luxury MNC’s I really appreciate your step towards this.

You and I both know there is a dearth of Indian Luxury brands on the global platform.

Please feel free in reaching out to me on pravskiran■gmail.com

If you could share a few details at the stage of the business you are at and what support you require, it would be a great starting point of the discussion.




It seems like we are in a sort of similar boat. We are starting up in a beauty sector and our location & target market is NC, USA.

I want to know

  1. How to build a community for beauty professionals & associated customers and like-minded people?
  2. How to make a first MVP better to attract more professionals and consumers?

Let me know if we can help each other in this segment.

Check product page here for more details: https://www.facebook.com/cybella/

Connect with me:


We have developed an integrated platform to reach the customers across India for our Handicraft products in the luxury segment. We now wish to take it on a global platform. We are looking for investors as well as mentors.