Looking for Investors for our startup



We are three partners.

  1. Dr Suraj Giri: who has a patent (wo/2017/033205) for middle ear implant

  2. Suyog Bankar

  3. Bhushan Manudhane

We have registered our company “Prothotech Life solutions pvt ltd.” and have been recognized by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

Our product has completed the concept phase and now we are preparing the proto.


Kindly email me your contact details to my email address KalLondonInvestor■gmail.com


did you receive my email?



Get in touch with our team. Hope we can help u in this.

Mail the details at ca.sumitrai■outlook.com


I’m interested to know more about your start up idea. I’m an NRI who is interested to something in India. Please email the details to shams_25■hotmail.com.