Looking for Partner: Jeevika Socii Pvt. Ltd


Jeevika Socii was founded some years ago to assist professionals and organizations with high quality recruitment services. One Founder Director couldn’t give enough time to the company and left the company due to personal reasons. Since then the company has been on a pause.

I’m the other Founder Director and I have directly worked on recruitment projects over the years. The company is looking for a suitable partner (Director) having significant background in recruitment work and who can work full-time on Jeevika Socii and earn from the company’s earnings. Please see my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/saranshakti

Best Regards,


Hi Shakti,

I saw your LinkedIn profile. and send a request also. you posses awesome experience. i want to work with you. i have 9 years of experience including 5 years in startup. i explore idea in payment gateways and can bringing affiliation marketing into high level viz. not yet touch by any organisation in any part of the world.
Example if you visit at freechagre, coupandunia, Gopaisa etc. these guys offer good incentive on every sales but they have limitations like

  1. Coupan code expire
  2. many product on listed
  3. you need to buy in one session of marketplace site to get cashback/bonus
  4. cashback is not instant. it take days and week to credit
  5. you need to visit from one site to another buy those offer products.
    due to above reason people left and rarely visiting 2nd-3rd times on these site again.

i have solution of all above problem these guys missing one complex link which i identified. i can cooperate all thing in single site. which bring huge traffic of all marketplace player in single site.

but i also have limitation. i have unique idea & Vision. know how to implement it but lack coding knowledge. i need mentor/Co-founder for help me or work along.

if interested kindly email at rajeshvermaa306■gmail.com


Hi Rajesh,

Thank You for sharing!

I’ve emailed you.