Looking for partners to start Training institute



Hi, I am looking for partners to start Training institute in Bangalore. He/she must be from Bangalore to work together. As we can work together. Please ping me on pnayak065■gmail.com


It is good to know that you are venturing out yourself in the education domain.
You are looking for a partner for your business, it would be better to have a brand as your partner. So franchising out from a popular brand will be safe.
This will help you to sustain your business quickly. If you are really interested in franchising then,
There are lots of popular brands like NIIT, CADD, etc.,
There is a good company called NETWORKZ SYSTEMS, based out on Kerala. And they are also looking out for franchise partners. So please look at

Preferring Networkz Systems over the other popular brands have its reasons as the popular brands will cost you exoberent franchise fees which will reduce your ROI.
there are many companies similar to Networkz Systems which gives you more ROI so please have a look on those and also think before you invest.