Looking for project sponsor in networking domain


hello guys, I am fourth year computer engg. student from pune. I am looking for a project sponsor in networking security or In semantic analysis field.


Have you thought of taking the Kickstarter or indiegogo route .Student entrepreneurs do tend to test the waters on crowdsourcing platforms , Coz i think it helps them to prepare a basic pitch and work on their technology simultaneously , with minimal intervention from investors and less risk .
Disclaimer - please read all T&C before creating a Campaign .
For an example Check out Pure.Charger by Future Crew Team @ Kaspersky Lab on @Kickstarter http://kck.st/1tyc7YD


thanks Ron but I am from India so it wont be of any use


Did u check for Indian crowdsourcing sites ?
One reason u could be facing an issue is the density of networking startups,and tech startups is actually lesser when compared to ecommerce, utility startups and it service providers , which are now booming in our country.
The reason why crowdsourcing might suit you is you mentioned you are operating in project mode right now, and you need a very simple no frills attached approach to Transforming your project into a commercially viable product or at least a minimum viable product for a demo to industry satraps.
I do have a friend from engineering who is an experienced C programmer and a networking & security freelancer now living in Australia. In my earlier discussions he had appraised me about the challenges of starting a networking related venture in India .
Why don’t u create a pitch deck and send it to me ?
I can introduce you to my friend if there is meat in your proposal !


actually i am a last year student of comp engineering so we have to make a project by the year end so whatever ideas I had were too big for a project purpose. so I thought if any company is looking to build a new product we can do that for them under the terms that we get to represent it as our project and then we can think of improving that as a startup or a product


I’m not sure I follow you… If I understand the final year project scenario its your opportunity to intern at a company of your choice on one of their projects / sub projects with a team of your college mates, which is the BEST possible way to startup . Building a like minded team is the single biggest hurdle tech startups face.


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