Looking for Seed/ Angel fund for our FinTech company



We plan to launch and take the payment gateway industry to the Next generation by evolving existing technology and introduce “Next Generation Payment Gateway Technology”. The product infuses Artificial Intelligence along with bio metrics (will infuse virtual reality over time as well) to initially cater to the Non Cash Transaction Market, namely Debit, Credit and Pre-paid Cards along with any other digital banking transaction.
After a study of the 2014 World payments report, which showed that the Non Cash transactions market was a huge market to tap, $28.844 trillion to be exact. However there was an important issue that needed to be resolved. The losses from worldwide fraud on credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards hit $16.31 billion in 2013 on a total card sales volume of $28.844 trillion, and is expected to reach $34.54 billion by 2020.
Hence we came up with our product/ technology to address this global issue regarding Card fraud, which automatically also addresses online banking, or any other digital banking transaction fraud

We are looking at raising seed/ angel funds with a minimum investment of $100K. Interested investors can reach out to us for more details and discussions at invest■amanha.in


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Interested people please email at invest @ amanha.in


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