Looking for Seed Funding for our startup GALIJOB-a 2 way marketplace for blue collar and entry level segment that guarantees job in 24 hours


We run a tech startup called GALIJOB based out of Bangalore.

GALI in Hindi means a narrow alley. GALIJOB happens to be a two sided job marketplace for blue collar and entry level segment where candidates get a response in 24 hours.

With close to 600 Million people under this bracket we see it as a large opportunity to empower millions of unemployed people and help eradicate poverty.

Now that we have released the app with a few pivots we are seeing decent traction and expect we would be able to make it viral and the de facto standard for blue collar and entry level job market.

We have also partnered with the Government of Karnataka in India and plan to integrate GALIJOB with Mobile One their local mobile ecosystem so millions can avail this service from their phones

Here is the website- http://www.galijob.com

Here is the Google Playstore Download Location

We are just a 2 member team.

The only issue being we are expecting to raise some funds to sustain the venture and keep on impacting millions of people by empowering them with jobs and pulling them out of the vicious cycle of poverty through that.

Till now we have bootstrapped this venture and have invested every single dime that we made in our professional lives on our venture.

Which is why we need some help to raise some funds so we can sustain the venture and reach out to as many people as possible and thereby empower millions in the process.

If you require anything from us do let us know.

I sent you this email to ask if we stand a chance or not as we don’t fall under the umbrella of the industries you invest in.

Any pointers would be deeply appreciated.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Can you please send a brief about your venture, how much funding and the purpose. Thanks. Email it to rnr197011 at yahoo dot com