Looking for Small Investor for my current Business



Hi Everybody,

Thanks for giving me a great platform to share my thoughts. I am into Web Designing and Content Writing Business.My website is www.writethings.net. Now I want to scale up my business, so I need funding.If anybody is interested kindly contact through private message.




An interesting article on The Top 37 Most Active Angel Investors Of India For Startups

As an ongoing business, i think one would have to scale up ambitions a little (in fact a lot ) in order to capture the attention of Seasoned Investors.

Such investors look for long term returns of about 15 - 20%. i guess any lower expectation than that is the definition of a small investor in my opinion, in which case its the same as taking a loan.

All the best in your search for investment at your startup.


You can contact the capital advisors or venture investor companies…
For your info…dexter venture placed at New delhi is performing good…Its having offices across bangalore,Mumbai, Jaipur…Pls contact 9373120059.


Hi, you can contact business investor for your funding.
If you need Investment, they can arrange for Seed Investment, Venture Capital (VC) Funding and even Series A Funding depending on your needs.
Top leading small business mentoring and investor company, I know is veloz techform - startup mentor, consultant and idea validator

Hope you find your solution out there.
All the best!