Looking for sponsors for a Cycling Marathon in Delhi


Hi, me and my team are organizing a cycling marathon in mid October, 2016 in New Delhi.

We are looking for startups who can sponsor the event and advertise their brand/product to their right target audience. The ones interested please PM me with the an approx amount you are willing to spend on advertising.

The footfall for the event is expected to be around 500 and the demographics will be as follows:
Gender: Both Male and Female
Age: 15-50 years
Education: Undergraduate and Post-Graduate

And the brand/product will also be promoted in various colleges.
Thank You


super guys! all the best!
Did you guys try asking around cycling stores in delhi .
There are cycling aficionados with business acumen who might be able to help you.
Theres one of note in my city, its called http://www.bumsonthesaddle.com!