Looking for stratup Funding for a Renewable Energy Ecommerce Portal



Hello Everyone,
I am Jitendra Solanki ,Managing Director at RE Energen Energy India Pvt Ltd. we are looking for Startup Finance for Innovative E-commerce Portal for Renewable Energy and energy saving Products. the portal is coming with new innovative Idea and for that we are looking for Finance. If anyone who loves nature and green Energy than kindly Ping me.
The Next Era is Green Energy.


Please contact us. Reach Ventures is SE Asian VC currently managing 100 million USD fund ‘Flight I’ scouting for potential startups in India categorized under following business domains:-

  1. Real Estate (Smart Housing and Commercial Buildings)
    • covers builders with highly worth project portfolio, smart
      building material manufacturers, smart and sustainable home
      automation etc.
  2. Food Processing - Synthetic Food manufacturers primarily
  3. Fashion - clothes, shoes, accessories etc brands valued at more than 25 crores INR
  4. Commercial Farming - urban and robotic farming primarily large scale
  5. Clean energy - automobile, water harvesting, charging stations, self sustainable homes energy etc.
  6. Education

Kindly contact us to discuss further.


kindly share your contact detail with me.