Looking for Tech Partner/ Invester for AgriTech company



I am director of Agricultural technology company. We are of selling commercial crops and traditional crops over the Bangalore city, planning to expand other cities as well.

We are developed ecommerce based AgriTech webapplications for selling the Crops over online ecommerce platform. We have office in bangalore and in Anantapur.

Our webapplications are www.cropcart.in, www.onioncart.in, www.potatocart.in, www.tomatocart.in, www.pgcrop.com, http://www.pgcrop.com.

•Cropcart provide the better solution to the farmers for selling their crop after post cultivation.

•Company have innovation in creating web applications for each crops, digitalization of the crops supply in digital India. We have supply Chain Management Solution for the crops sales in India.

•CropCart deals with commercial and traditional crops, Perishable food items and as well as consumable food items.

http://www.cropcart.in/ is my company web application.

•www.TomatoCart.in is web application created for selling of only Tomato Crop.

•[www.PotatoCart.in] is web application created for selling of only Potato Crop.

•[www.OnionCart.in] is web application created for selling of only Onion Crops.

•[www.PGCrop.com] is web application created for selling of Pulses and grains crops in India.

We have good marketing potential growth as expected 1lakh crore turnover domain. I Have good marketing research data for selling the Crops with minimum profit of 10-12 percent.

I am looking for financial partner for my company for sharing ideas and investment for grow along with us. Please reply.

PM: chennappa dot bestha■gmail dot com
Whats up: 855599eight7four8.

Corpcart online services opc private limited.