Looking for the funding AdTech StartUp App having 2 Million Users


This is Deeptesh Verma founder of WeOne App (AdTech), as others I also have my startup named WeOne App. I have total 30,00,000 subscribers over my app but the main reason where I am lacking is with the funds, if you wish to look forward to an investment in my startup then please connect on helpweoneapp■gmail.com


Please furnish more details or contact us on -mumbai 2494 0131 to arrange funding.


Hi Deeptesh,

With such huge customer base, instead of looking for investors, I believe it is better to find and introduce new revenue streams or improve existing ones.

Also, if you want me to review and come up with better options, send me your pitch deck or plan to raghavendra.philkana■gmail.com.

Best wishes
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