Looking for the next Startup


Hello Friends,

My name is Ayush Agrawal.
I am an investor and looking for the next big startup.

If you have a genuinely good idea, feel free to contact me.
I am not a consultant or a mentor.
I will want stake in the business in which I invest.

Interested people who are stuck in their startups can Call/Whatsapp me on my cell 9425412028
I can help you, but again, I am more of an investor than a mentor.


Hello Ayush,

I m Munish, arrange funding for start-ups from crowd funding and from investors like u, I already have almost 150 startups ( all are in market and working and at least 1-3years old) so what industry u are interested to fund.


Can you send me details of your investments in startups?
Where have you invested?
And How much?