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Hi, I am a US based individual ( 28/M) looking for an opportunity to invest or partner with a like minded individual. A few things about me-

Masters in Finance
Traded and brokered Agricultural commodities for 4+ years.
Started an Ag-Tech company in US in 2012 and took it to an annual turnover of $300K.
Currently working for a major Investment Bank in Market Risk.

I truly believe in pursuing an idea that I am passionate about so that when the going gets tough, I can keep believing and relying on my principles of execution of the idea.

I am new to the whole startup scene in India but I have very solid business principles and ethics. I am very strong as an operator, and in Finance. My key areas of interest include -


If you would like to chat and discuss more, please feel free to reach out.


Welcome and thanks for your interest in Indian Start-up Industry. Are you open to the Ag tech Idea implementation in India. if yes send me a Private Message.


i am nitesh kumar from india i am trader in cryptocurrency i am looking for a investor in it
kindly contact me on niteshkmr001â– gmail.com


Hi, I am an aspiring entrepreneur and want to start a business in ed- tech industry which growing at a very high rate. I am in search of an ideal partner to work in this project.

If interested let me know and we can chat on email of Facebook.




This is Karan Desai from Mumbai.

The Project Health is a Healthcare IT startup based out of Mumbai. Our Vision is Better Patient Experience.

Healthcare is an unstructured industry in India, we at The Project Health have taken this responsibility to revolutionize the industry with our pathbreaking Products/Services

We leverage technology and develop products/services around the patients. In the journey of 2.5 years, we have understood the Psychology of the consumer. We have a couple of products/services which revolves around our vision and lays out maximum benefits to our patient.

Karan Desai


We are launching RT90 India’s first Unipod, the best part is we are targetting a price point of 75k exfactory.
Can share all details - kindly send in your email id.

Dr Rushen Chahal

  • google my name to find out more about me and my inventions- I have 99 patents to my name - 81 granted till date.


Working on an ag-tech concept in the domain of market linkages and fintech that can make real impact on farmers. Looking to connect with like-minded people for joining as co-founders and for equal investment.



Great To know that you are int in investing in start ups in India. I have a idea and it is to do with Mentoring children. If you are int we can discuss the same with you. Pleaser send a private message if you are int


Hi Karan: This is Prasad. I am interested and would like to know more about your company. I agree with you Healthcare IT is still not explored in india. Please share mkre details on prasadanganeâ– gmail.com

Prasad Angane


I am from kerala. I have a IT firm from last 3 years . I am looking for an Investor for my new Idea , Which is related to bitcoin , I am working in background of this project from last 2 years. But it is something interesting for you. thats sure. Contact me for the details at … aarushkrishna.m■gmail.com.


Can we chat and discuss?. You can reach me at anudeep.puramâ– gmail.com



We are a tech startup company which design and supply gaming computer hardware and we are first Indian company in this segment. Mofotech Computer Systems LLP is a partnership company. Mofotech stands for Moving Forward Technologies which is located in Pune, India.It was founded in the year 2016 by Zunjar Ghate and Mahesh Kashyap who had very keen interest in gaming.

We have a good traction based on Amazon India without any promotions. We need investment in the range of 5-15Cr to setup a team with a working office and to invest in our prototypes, We have a compete report of financial projection and a list of competitor products compared with our products. We know that we can touch the break even point in the end of the year if we launch all of the 20 products nationwide.

We have 5 year Financial projection, Business Plan, Pitch Deck and Sales/Marketing Plan.
Please visit our website www.mofotechplay.com

Conatct Person:
Zunjar Ghate
Co-founder, Director
â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 


If you are planning to invest in Agri-Tech, request you to please read my reply to another similar post.


Nilesh Roy | Advisor & Mentor | +919820094678


I am a Mumbai based Investment Banker and planning to start contract farming farming in Sugar rich belt of Surat Gujarat. Please share your email id to discuss further. I am looking for Partner to finance it.
Vishal G Nema
Vishalgneemaâ– gmail.com



Hope you are doing good. I would like to get acquainted to introduce our unique and sole E-commerce business of automobile service sector which is being widely accepted. We are in process of seeking funds currently assuring ROI.

it would be great if u can share me with your mail id on bharath.jâ– icloud.com i can send you the pitch with other details.



hey, man
Aside from the trading part.we have a lot in common.
i am khalid from VTL, i used to work and live in sweden, but then i decided to open up my own comany in india. we have a team of well expirenced web devlopers , designers, and android developers,but we lack funding and network, since iam new to the country. i would like to work with you to devlop both of our busniness

khalid khan


We are working on unique concept on health care IT products. And launched successfully. If you are interested we can work.
Pls send me messages on ranjeetbhadauriaâ– gmail.com


Are you interested in partnering with a start up which is developing an Real time Customer Engagement for Retail & Hospitality verticals.


Did you tried Idea Of Entrepreneur ?
It is a great platform to make partners.




We are looking for a investor/partner for a Rs.7.50 crore Desi Cow Commercial Dairy Farm and Milk Processing unit to be setup near Chennai. Please let us know if anyone is interested. i am reachable on rajesj.sriniâ– gmail.com.