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Gajanan Patil
phone no. 7709853387


I’m interested to know more about your idea, please contact me at shams_25■hotmail.com


Hi, we were looking for partners to start Training business in Kharar (Mohali) Location. We have building, some business planning and investment also needed. He/she must be technically having computer programming skills to work together. Only hard working personality person plz. Please ping me on hr■jaseir.com


Are you interested in an education startup?
If so, please email me on ayakconsultancy■gmail.com or WhatsApp me on +919425412028
I would love to have a Skype Session with you.


Hi, Please have a look at www.realmilk.co.in and let me know your thoughts.



We are going to supply product directly from farmers to the bulk buyers and daily needs also

Now a days people are showing interest in organic products so we will meet the farmers who are interested organic farming and we will take care of that land and we will give money to the farmer monthly based or if they not interested in monthly we will pay for the product and store them in our warehouses. So by meeting farmers directly we can get product for low cost and Farmers also get good returns and buyer also will get it for less money

If we are getting more order in future me also add inorganic product also if any one required it

So thank you

I think I will get a positive reply from you


Good idea Siva Babu. www.realmilk.co.in


Hi ! Great to know that you are interested in funding Agrotech business.
Mine is in the same aspect.

Could you please share me your email id to share my project ?



We are suppliers of Natural Human Hair and also export to few countries. We are expanding and would like to setup a warehouse and sign up distributors / retailers in USA. That’s just a glimpse of our activity and can share details if you are interested.

If you are interested, please do contact us sampathraj.mp■gmail.com or alternatively on whatsapp +91 7708960727