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In case you’re going to visit Russia personally, I advise you to check the list of the reasons for cancellation of bans on entry. You can switch to English in the right upper corner of the page. There are always some bureaucracy issues in Russia and if you’re a business there might be several reasons to rejected by VAC.


a good project siva, in near future we will be requiring your help, we will keep in touch, you could also mail us at gbmarcom17@gmail.com
satheesh a


Did you heard about CARBON ENGINEERING ? I working on this over 4 years… Can’t talk much here… if you interested please put a mail truemusk@outlook.com -



Karan I like to know more about your starting.


Hi Rohit,

We can have a call for me to explain in depth.

However, would like to know what are you up to?



Hi Ashissh,

Stumbled upon this website again & saw your reply.

I have not clue how does this platform works.

Whats your current space in Medical?