Looking to start a Social Networking Site


Hello all I am Vibhut Jadhav from Pune, completed my BBA and I wants to start a social networking site in India with a very unique business idea. If anybody is willing to fund my startup plz get in touch with me. I am working on the layout of the site now and going further will be able to launch also but need assistance with seo and related work. Thankyou all, tc


Hey @vibhut.jadhav,
I too have a desire to create a social media app. My concept is to benefit the local trader / retailer and have articulated it in this post to another user. Looking For A Co-Founder
If u think our ideas can merge we can discuss over chat sometime .
Also please note some points the forum users have earlier discussed here about the pros / cons of creating social media apps
What are reasons which are stopping a social media network to come out of India and become global?
We also have one more person here on the forum @anilsupraj who is relatively new to the startup experience and is interested in a similar social media app development concept .
If u are interested in networking do let us know . Getting investors in startup cities like Pune and Bangalore ( where I am) should be very much possible , but interacting with people different to us, and finding common ground is the challenging part .but then again that’s what social media itself is all about


So you are going to compete with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest? What’s unique in your social network? Why will users leave FB and join your social network?

There have been a number of other social networks that have attempted and failed to unseat Facebook before (ahem, Google+).


No bhavin n Roy am thinking of creating smethng which wil shutdown fb, but cant discuss my usp on any site. I only need funds for seo n marketing part rest I hve money to create site n tc of legal part of it. After my prototype is released will tell u coz then my copyright will b dne. Till then am sorry guys. Don’t take me otherwise but it’s smethng which is ahead of time. Thanks


Looking forward to your prototype then :+1:.
May the force be with you !:smile:
I think U can reach out to @jigneshg for good marketing and seo tips .


Thank you @Ron for your valuable recommendation.

Feel free to contact me anytime for any help related to digital marketing and mobile apps development. Would love to help the community.


Hi Ron,
I want to create social networking website and I like your thought about social networking website. Can you share WhatsApp no with me? so we could discuss on this idea.


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You can share it with your friends as well. But limited to only innovative tech startups,


I too have a similar idea. Can we catch up. My whatsapp is 7678627342