Market Research - MarQ Research Solutions



I am reaching out to you introduce my company MarQ Research Solutions.

We are a market research company based in Hyderabad with presence in all major cities and towns in South India, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. We offer following services:

  1. Field data collection


  3. Recruiting and conducting indepth interviews and focus group discussions

  4. Secondary research(Desk research)

  5. Data processing

  6. Data analysis using SPSS and SAS

  7. Verbatim Coding

  8. Report writing

  9. Data entry

Our clientele include Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Ltd, EY, Azure knowledge Corporation and Bargainbuy. Please let us know if we could assist you on the above services. You can contact us at rakeshâ–, +91-9989259369 or you can visit our website for further information.