Marketing ideas welcomed for approaching Residential and or Commercial Societies to pitch for Structural audit



We at CSR Consultant and Associates provide Structural audit and Project Management Consultancy services for Structural repairs and painting solutions within Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane belt.

We are looking for ideas towards approaching the Residential and Commercial managing committees to extend our services for mutual benefit. For more details, please check


I would suggest that you try and collate data each and every society in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane.
After which try an SMS campaign with the residents for eg: “Does your society have water logging issue? Is your society safe for your Children?”

Or “According to government regulations, a society needs to be well maintained to avoid disaster and accidents is your society built with proper government approved standards not sure call our experts now”

SMS marketing is not dead people don’t know how to use it.Neither is Newspaper marketing. All you need to do is get the right message out. Print Signs and display it nicely on your existing client’s walls stating that this society is safe verified and certified by your firm’s name.

Make a network with contractors and real estate agents ask them to get you projects and provide them a commission on conversion.

Rainy season should be a piece of cake for you to get clients and hire interns and tell them to go on Marketing Survey in each and every area of a society and get valid information for your firm on whose the society manager? what is his contact number? how old is the society? who maintains it? Are they facing any issue.Tell them to take pictures and share it with you and you can see on the photograph itself who will be your prospects. Not much investment required except for stipend and a good camera(which every phone has now) and as this will a market research project to the students or intern you don’t have to worry about whether they will be motivated or not and finally outsource your project to a call centre and ask them to generate leads for you and fix appointments and you just have to go and meet the managers and convert them.

More can be advised but for that i need to get in deep with your business plan all the best.


Thank you Mr. Dhiraj for your inputs. We are actually looking for the database of Societies to send them our profiles for lead generation.


You might know better than me but I THINK getting list of apartment or societies might not be enough for you as we can get apartment names but it will be time consuming and cost consuming process to contact President or secretary of apartments that keep on changing.Secondly, I have seen from my experience that we generally get 3%-4% conversion rate from sending profiles/ even text messages(I used paid SMS services with my strategic followups too).Anyways you obviously know better than me on your industry so let me share my experience which might help you.

I did an amazing collab in energy auditing industry which I believe can act as a bomb in your industry too.
We used to go to doers(in your case contractors/builders) whoever used to install first time electrical in plants(in your case builders whoever would have made new buildings in the past 5 years and more, approach them with a proposition of getting audits for apartments, so its kind of they can offer a maintenance service on apartments built by them.Its a revenue stream for them.Will they say yes?Yes, if you approach them in a strategic way they will!!

Rationale behind this is that presidents/secretary is generally a voluntary position and they don’t want to take risk or spend much of their time actively talking to new vendors.But would be happy to talk to the people who have built their facility as they THINK their original builders would know more than anybody else.

Secondly, if you really really want a list, contact companies who give security guards to apartments.There is a way to ask for list from them!!
P.M. me if you want to know more, post getting too long :slight_smile: