Marketplace for Graphic and Web Design Resources


Issues in Industry that will be solved

  1. Designers don’t get a proper share of a sale. The maximum pay for sale is 75% by creativemarket
  2. Designers can’t set the price of the product in many websites.
  3. The buyers of the product are also charged for the service provided by websites (

Product Overview

  1. gives complete power to the designers in which they can specify the product price.
  2. It provides the biggest sale share for designers (80%)

Business Model

  1. On every sale holds 20% as service charge
  2. Designers can also upload free goods which helps in their branding and increases website reputation
  3. Displaying ad in blogs section will generate a good revenue

Market Opportunity

  1. Since this is a global market we can reach all the countries which allow international trade. Average price for a graphic design product is $10 and web design product is $30.
  2. There are more than 4 Lakh designers across world and almost every industry requires graphic and web designers in their branding and marketing purpose.

Current Traction

  1. Our project ( is now in a prototype stage and we started testing the prototype from last 6 months we have 25,000 unique visitors on our website every month, and the number of visitors are increasing steadily.
  2. Through ads and affiliate links we have a revenue of $2500 till date.

Competitive Landscape

  1. There is no companies with a dominant market share but, and are the main competitors.
  2. All the websites mentioned above don’t give proper share in the sale for designers and in most cases the price of the product is decided by the websites. They impose strict restrictions on designer.


I have few doubts about your business.

Envato also allows this. Pls, check the following link.

Also, I can see that your website looks like a blog, promoting affiliate products and not a marketplace.

Can you clear my doubts? :confused: :confused:



Yes my website is not a marketplace, I shared my marketplace idea