Marketplace for start-up



You will be excited to read about this new concept which we launched recently. Are you a start-up company who is desperately looking for a place where you can find all the required services under one roof? If yes, then you are at right place.
Skill Infinity has launched a marketplace where start-up companies can get the basic services which are required to run the company at a reasonable price. The professional available at this marketplace are ready to take up your project and provide the best service in the market at minimum cost.
The concept is useful for professionals to showcase their services and get the project to work on. Whereas start-up will be at an advantageous position to get the services required at one place. The exciting point here is that once the start-up grows up, it can also list its services in the marketplace and look for the buyers.
You will definitely thrilled now to check out the services we provide and details about the Skill Infinity. Just go for it now!

Also request to please check and give your feedback and any help would be appreciated



Nice concept. I just have a few suggestions. Finding services on your site is very hard. There is no clear navigation on your site to find services, just links to articles. Move services section to top so visitors can find your main product easily.


Thanks a lot chitra for your feedback. I will make this change soon to promote services part. Apart from that any other suggestion.



I restructured the whole website and remove all the clutters. Request you to have a look once and let me know. Would be great