Mattress recommendation


What type of mattress can you recommend for good sleep? are innerspring mattresses good?


No for back innerspring not good. Foam mattresses especially hr foam as a layer is good .it is highest grade of foam. If u r seeking extra comfort go for hr foam mattresses with memory foam. So it will have a layer of rebounded foam, hr foam and on top memory foam.i find kingkoil and springerwel good brands


Spring mattress sag also very quickly and u can feel other person moving as there is transfer of pressure when one tosses. Not good for back also.


There is no the best type of mattress. You need to choose the most comfortable and suitable model for you. Innerspring mattresses have their own benefits. For example they provide established technology, good ventilation, high durability, firmness, aging. As for me it is good and inexpensive variant. If you want to choose the best model I can share this review Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews [New Data. 2018]