Media Coverage for a Startup




We are startup business.
Wanted to know about the effects of media coverage to any startup?
Also how to develop journalists contacts, for media attraction?
Obviously media coverage plays crucial role for a startup.
But at the same time it is very difficult to attract them.


I believe reaching out to a PR Agency would help in case you want to focus on your business but if you have time, start by the publications specific to your industry or area of interest, make an press release about your startup & why its relevant for masses & than go to each publication house office & find who is the relevant editor writing about that section in that publication (newspaper, mag or online). This is extremely time consuming step & would take time by the time editors or journalist would give respect to meet with you. Also when you meet, they wont give more than 2 mins to explain so keep an elevated pitch ready & they would instantly tell on the face whether its relevant to them or not.