Mobile App - Idea Pitch and Future Scope



everyone, we have an idea, We want to make it happen and it is on automobile services. I will explain it in few lines
(Sorry to say that, My english is not good)
We put the name for this quickpick (mobile app)

If any vehicle is stopped by some problems like out of fuel, mechanical problem, tire flat, or any other related vehcile problems then by using our mobile app they will get an instant service at their breakdown location. They can set their breakdown location and get the details of mechanics and garages locations (through google maps and locations) which are shown near by them and they will connect to the mechcanic / any other garages or the user make a call to them and can get service instantly on go road side.

1. Out of fuel (mobile petrol)
2. Mechanical problem (repairs)
3. Exchange vehcile(If any emergency meetings / interviews or anykind of it)
4. Vehicle Stuck
5. get directions for garages / petrol bunks / mechanics which are near by them
6. Emergency call service / push notifications (through blutooth / push notifications)
(this feature for an accidents whichr minor r major on go and get shortest ways and can get instant service on high ways.)
7. Get a lift by a vehicle (vehicle owner can get little service charges).
8. Membership for Self mechanics and garages
9. Safety travel and travel tips
10. They can make their travel risk free through our app
11. Doorstep vehicle services (water / out of fuel / others)
we have many no. of features and service for automobile services and plans to add furtherly.

If We make it happen then what is the future scope
can i target to entire globe
Give me good suggestions for this idea
We referred some apps like this. ( We got one app like this. I.e aaa only for US country and some features are low. but they had huge customers).
can we rise funding on this?
we have done revenue model / financials / growth strategy / full documentation with prototype design.


Hey, @vjdprasad Welcome to Startups Forum. I really liked your concept, and I must say surely this idea can be implemented and funding can be raised for this also.

I would like to congratulate you for one thing which is sharing your idea with all the entrepreneurs without any fear.

I wish you all the best for your future and keep us updated about your journey buddy. :slight_smile:


Thank you sir. :smile:


@vjdprasad…your idea sounds really great and yes,ofcourse, you can raise funds from VCs.But my suggestion for you is to get ready with all the answers for possible questions which could be raised by the VCs.For example I want to know how your start up will generate the money to feed itself in the future.What is your estimated market size and what all cities(like tier-1,tier-2 etc) you want to reach(in rural market even though the internet penetration is less,tractors usually break down…now that is a potential market,don’t you think?) and so on.

All the best buddy


Thanks a lot dear. Surely I will take care of it. Thanks for your valuable suggestions :smile:


Idea is good. I thought same idea 6 months back. Unfortunately I don’t have financial support. It will workout.


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Hello vjdprasad,
I must tell you that your idea is totally awesome. Now if my vehicle is very far from the garage I will simply use your app that’s a great thing you are solving the problem of people and surely you can occupy the globe.
Some suggestions.

  1. You can talk local garage and transport company to use your app.
  2. You should add more feature like maps ,bluetooth locator and facility to communicate near by driver.
    3.You should emergency call feature.
    4.You should add an chatbox or any chat support so that if there is any accident the person can be provided first aid.


Thanks for your valuable suggestions sir. As you suggested definitely will the features you mentioned and we need your support and guidance. Thank you so much. :grinning:


Thanks for your valuable suggestions sir. As you suggested definitely will the features you mentioned and we need your support and guidance. Thank you so much. :smiley:


Sure i would be glad to help you in your idea.


great idea.
You can get more direct feedback from CRM executives at Premium Car Service Centres like Ford, NIssan, Maruti , Hyundai etc.
They will be receptive to your app idea .
In any case you can get a lot of demographic data from car service / showrooms, as they will have the analytics on car breakdown (frequency of breakdown, common type of complaints, car owner pain points, car parts wear and tear indicator gauge maps,IOT data on car sensors for wheel alignment, fuel economy, etc).
If you have some personal connection to someone in the Car / Automotive industry nothing like it.
In fact if nothing works out you can even create a automotive analytics backend and sell it to car aggregators like UBER/OLA or even come up with a subscription model for taxi companies / transport / travel insurance companies, to use to monitor vehicle utilization and breakdown statistics.


thank you raman :slight_smile:


Thank you so much #Ron, Thanks for your valuable words. We Will update and add more features in that app. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Your idea looks very promising. We are running a campaign to raise early stage funds for startups.In case you require more info you can PM us.


Thank you so much dear. I will send a mail to you. Thanks for your support. :slight_smile:


Hello can you share the more details with me email id: jdprasadvâ–


Seems good. But before heading full on check with insurance companies if they already providing such services through any third party.

When we talk about international market, there are many players doing something similar to AAA services. But considering India, it may work well.

countries where insurance is mandatory (from ages), AAA assistance is part of plan.

All the best.



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