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Hi, my name is rekha i own a company called sysbig technologies India Pvt Ltd in Bangalore. We develop mobile applications If you have any reference projects plese mail me. Its my emai id (brekha307■ Thanks, Rekha


Call me on 9502119082 . I can help you


There are lot of mobile applications which can be developed. I have more ideas could you you help me in developing these softwares.


Hi Vijay Ping me on my cell 9886626937


Dr Murali Bharadwaz , CEO Click2Clinic Healthcare IT Startup from California with 30 Software Engineer team offshore development centre at Hyderabad, India .

We are young energetic software services company in Agile development of Mobile Apps in Native Android, IOS , .NET . We developed 2 state of Art Products Clinicopedia ,in Health Tech and uMedico in Edutech .
We translate the Workflows, Startup ideas into Mobile Applications in short period .

We code apps in the following architecture
• iOS Architecture
Environment : XCode 9.x
Language : Objective-C 2.0 / Swift 4.x
OS : iOS (Supports from 10.x)
Design Patterns: MVC & MVP & MVVM
• Android Architecture
Environment : Android Studio IDE - V3.0.1
OS : Android (OS Support: Version 5.0.0 to Latest Version)
Language : Java and Android API
Design Patterns: MVC & MVP
• Server Architecture
Environment : Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017
Language : C#
Server : Microsoft Azure
Design Patterns: MVC & MVP

We expertise in integration of applications with any of the following functionalities :

• Video Chat
• Text Chat
• Ecommerce Marketplace
• Point of Sales apps for billing , inventory management
• Community based with Group Chat , one to one chat
• Payment gateway integration
• Video Library subscription modules
• Appointment booking , Queue management
• Intranet and Team collaboration apps
• Discussion Forum
• AI based Chatbot based apps
• Hospital Information management system (HIMS)
• Uber like GPS based Taxi booking and Fleet management Apps
• Bluetooth based Medical devices connectivity Apps
• Live Video Streaming You tube API integration into Apps
• Yellow Pages like Listing services Apps
• Tripadvisor, Swarm, Transit like Travel app
• Linkedin like Professional Network app
• Amazon like e-commerce app
• e-bay ,Groupon like Deals app
• CookPad, Peeperplate,Untappd,Yelp like Food app
• Fitbit like Fitness App
• Clue, Evebyglow like Women App
• Tinder like Dating App
• Spotify like Music App
•, EasilyDo, Mint, Wunderlist like Personal productivity App
• Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter like social network of stuff App
• Whatsapp, WeChat like messenger App
• Skype like Video calling App
• Flickr, Instagram, Snapseed like Picture sharing App
• Calibre, Flipboard, Overdrive,Pocket like Reading and news App
• Eventbrite like Event management apps
• Hulu like Video streaming App
• Asana, Doodle, Slack like Team Collaboration App
• Slack, Grammarly, Boomerang, Calendly like Condo Management App
• GoMechanic ,Cartisan, Pitcrew ,DrivoJoy:, Carmozo like Car Repair Services Booking App
• GoMechanic ,Cartisan, Pitcrew ,DrivoJoy:, Carmozo like Car Repair Services Booking App
• Housejoy , Mr. Right , TaskBob like Apps To Get Your House In Order

We have capability to scale up , train and deploy hundreds of Software Engineers from India to deliver offshore projects globally .

Our Phone numbers also on Whatsapp
Dr Murali Bharadwaz CEO Click2Clinic +91-9502119082

Appreciate , if I can get your Phone number