Mobile house


I Akkisetti Sri Krishna want to create mobile house , mobile office within 5 lakh I have done all blue print if I produce will I have any trouble fron GOVT of India ? Should I pay any tax ? As road tax if I movie it with my car ? It is 17 ft length , 8 ft width , 8 ft height , egg shaped , 1500 kg wt , can float during floods , with two beds , one kitchen, bath , store , memberan to filter water for drinking and bathing , optional small fridge , washing mechine , wifi, Panal TV , generator for running AC , solar roof ,intruder camera alarm ,


@akkisetti_krishna . serious question. where will u park it ?
on a funny note :grin:, if you are ambitious why dont you go for a yacht , it will take you more time and money but gives you a much better view. Besides parking shouldnt be a problem, unless you decide to go out of Indian Territorial waters !