Modifycar.. the new app for finding parts to modyfing your vehicle



hi. guys i have another great idea about modyfing vehicles such as cars, bikes etc… i am a 14 year old from chandigarh and i was always interested in mechanical engineering from a business perspective. so this idea is just a natural instinct towars cars. this idea is about a website which i can create to supply modying parts to consumers who are willing to change the look of their car… obviously. i won’t myself produce the parts thus i’m looking forward to connecting with local suppliers and manufacturers who are looking to sell at lower prices. THIS IS THE FIRST EVER WEBSITE TO DO SO. there isnt any app that can modify vehicles. nevertheless HOPE U DON’T JUDGE ME AS I’M JUST A 14 YEAR OLD. hope u like my idea and i’m willing to receive feedbacks from experienced businessmen.