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Nearbuz Introduction -
Update : We launched NearBuz android app to Hire & find freelancers app
Bangalore based startup; NearBuz is upcoming two-sided service marketplace. Employers can (buy) hire services/skills from local or remote professionals. P2P skill hiring approach without middleman differentiates NearBuz from other local service marketplaces.

Customer Problem - People do not have time to do small tasks related to households and other professional tasks such as house cleaning , pet care , elderly care , small business accounting .
People are not ready for full time employee for small tasks they are looking for cheaper and timely solutions.

Marketing - We are using social media networks mainly to promote our pre-launch activities.
Before beta launch we will start email marketing campaign too. We are using videos and PR to market the service on web and soon we will start offline marketing with our sales and marketing team.

Business Model - We are not going to charge from employees. We have very attractive monthly subscription for regular job posters and it will be monthly subscription not pay per job subscription.

Competitors - In India few startups are working in local service marketplace domain such as Urbanclap , UrbanPro , Taksbob etc… But their business model is one-sided or on demand services based model and they are playing role of middleman but with NearBuz we are trying to eliminate middlemen ship from local service marketplace industry and we are trying to make it completely Peer-to-peer service marketplace or both-sided marketplace without any middleman .

Social Presence-
Facebook – fb/Nearbuz
Twitter – @nearbuz
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Instagram - nearbuz
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Android app - NearBuz : Freelance Jobs

Location - Bangalore, India

Email - Love at


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@Abhishek ure We are going to launch this week and check our latest Landing page and put your thoughts about it -


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