Need a franchisee partner to fuel,share and contribute to my dreams


I wish to be a entreprenuer by being a franchisee to one of the top coaching institites.I believe education sector is in its golden age right now. No matter how many startups and institutes emerge, i hope still there is space to make an impact and contribute to the best of our abilities.The only thing we need is to be passionate about what we are doing.
I m passionate about my dreams and i am in search of one who is equally ambitious to do something big in this educational sector. Following the launch of the institute i m also planning to start a edtech based company which is related to virtual coaching…
Those who r passionate and can invest their full time can leave a reply here…
And by the way the institute will be based in AP and/or Bangalore…


Hi Sekhar,
It is good to know that you are venturing out yourself in the education domain. It indeed is a good market wherein you can make a large impact especially if you are taking up franchises. But the real question here is, which franchise are you going to take up and how that is going to have an impact on your ROI. For example, if you go with popular franchises such as NIIT, CADD etc, the franchise fee is going to be very high which will ultimately have an impact on your ROI by reducing it. So, it will be a wise decision to go with fast growing franchises such as NETWORKZ SYSTEMS that offer low franchise fee and high ROI. So, I would recommend you to look out for them. This is their URL: