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i just want a business plan to start a restaurant (only home delivery) , with packing and delivery setup. Do you have any business plan document ready for similar thing ?


I am working on a social media app called Product Listings, and it is aimed at benefiting local traders and retailers. I can share two cents with you in exchange for you beta testing my app when its ready :grinning:

You would definitely need a Targeted Marketing Campaign for the geographic area in which you are planning delivery.
Marketing Channels could be rudimentary - door to door flyers , printed ads in local haunts and tie-ups with local vendors and advertising on their stationary.
A social media campaign and online ads are probably an unwise investment in the beginning, coz i think it will be difficult to pinpoint users in one particular demographic - but this is something you have to check with digital marketing consultants and they will give you a better opinion.
The electoral list in a ward available with municipal authorities is a good way to identify potential customers in a demographic, having said that you have to take care of not abusing the medium, else it will backfire.What this information can be used for is to discretely assess the pallete of your customer base, and accordingly prepare delivery items to cater to their taste and cultural affiliation. eg - Malayali families are always searching for a particular type of adaprathaman payasam during the onam season, Kannadigas for avarekalu preparations during pongal,

Sourcing of local produce, Man Power to run your kitchen, and cooking Infrastructure are definitely the heart of your operations , but you have not mentioned any thing around it in your question, so i assume that’s outside the scope of your business plan , or is it ? One thing that you should consider is urban farming in an apartment terrace , or garden patch available, which is catching up nowadays esp , in hotels so that veggies are organically grown, fresh and readily available as per demand.

For Sales, Would you need a Mobile App ? Its a good idea to track orders, update your menu, and communicate with customers, BUT in the already crowded market of food startups, it is unlikely customers would take a liking to one more app , especially since it is vying for space on their already crowded mobiles. This is unless you have some kind of USP , or if you are planning to scale to your entire city , in which case yes, you need a sizable investment in automating your business operations. Instead you could tie up with existing food startups by listing on their mobile app, which should give you a good start in the least.

Please dont neglect collecting feedback from your customers. One suggestion is to perform a random sampling of repeat customers on what changes they would like to introduce in the menu.

If you are looking for a more organized, step by step business plan, i can put you through to my friend who is a MBA in marketing and finance launching his own startup, currently in Pune. Just PM me your contact details.

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Restaurant Business Plan Presentation from Mahadi Hasan

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Thank You So Much. Yes it will help a lot. :slight_smile:


Hi there! Try to find a suitable business plan sample on ogscapital website. I designed a solid business plan for my business from the sample I looked up on that site. Good luck!


Hello @aman.agrawal08,

Every business is unique in its own respect and it requires a b.plan from scratch. Every business has different financial models, target audiences and their own USPs. I would suggest you to make it from scratch for good results and funding. For more information on the same, please contact me at nehaâ–


I would suggest you go through some of the pitch decks that are available in the below site. This should be a good starting point. Depending on what problem you are trying to solve, the business model, competitive landscape etc, you might be better off to create something on your own.

There are plenty of templates available and I believe there is one available in Microsoft store itself.

Link to pitch decks:


Click on the link bellow to know about the simple business plan to a restaurant business in India. i have follow this plan and got good result. I hope you also will be success to open a restaurant.


Fantastic. Great help.

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Hey Aman,
Starting a new restaurant is a very good idea. A Restaurant Business Plan acts as a guideline, a roadmap for the future development of your restaurant business. It is the blueprint for operating your restaurant. You can create a successful Restaurant Business Plan easily by yourself. Here is the complete guide:
The Complete Guide to Creating a Restaurant Business Plan
Hope it helps!
Here is the visual slideshare presentation:


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