Need advice for startup in 50 acres of land in village



Hello folks, i am currently living in Maharashtra and looking forward to start a business.
i have nearly 50 acres of land in village, but there is water scarcity at some amount, can some one suggest me some another options for starting a startup which can make me profit


Try these -
1- Dairy Farming
2- Fruit Plantation
3- Teakwood Plantation
4- Drumstick Plantation

Kind Regards,
Yogesh Thite,
Startup Mentor & Consultant,


thank you Yogesh sir


Hello Gajanan
Please write to me.
We have been looking for land for a project.
Also, please let me know the location.


We are social implementation company, we can do a ground research and help you in setting up a feasible and workable business for your land. We can suggest various business ideas and implement them with your utmost satisfaction but we will require to visit the cluster and then come with ideas which are compatible with the kind of land and environment you have.