Need advice on bussiness start up



I am seeking advice from expert on manufacturing of raw potato chips. Can anyone advice me on legal formalities and how to start potato chips manufacturing business in india? Also, I want to sell it in entire india just like Lays and balaji chips? So, any expert can help me on this ?


I can help you with legal formalties which you have to do before start your business in India. There are lot of ways by which you can start business in India like Start Your Business with OPC(One Person Company) As a Partnership Firm or As a Pvt. Ltd. Company like your competitors as you have mentioned lays and balaji.
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Hi Mahen,

Apart from the raw materials, condiments, oil, spices and packaging material understand this that total cost of raw materials depends on the usage of the company. To manufacture 100 kg potato chips, it should cost the entrepreneur around INR 15,000-20,000 approx. or even less, depending on the prices of the product in the area you are sourcing from. The better way would be to source the potatoes from the farmers directly, it will reduce the cost of raw materials considerably.

The total cost of machines will start from INR 3 lakhs approx. The different machines / equipment required:

Potato Peeling Machine
Slicing machine (With arrangement to adjust slice thickness)
Spin dryer / Hydro Extractor
Deep Fat Fryer
Salting Drum
Vacuum sealing machine
Weighing machine
Industrial Oven (in case of baking the chips like Lays/ Balaji )

Licenses required:

1.Registration under Shop establishment act.
3.Udyog Aadhar MSME online registration.
4.FSSAI License.
5.Trademark Registration. ( Since you want to sell the chips under your own Brand)
6.FDA license.

You need not worry as the this can be funded by SCB, Co-Operative Banks.
You can also avail the Mudra Yojana Scheme & Standup Scheme launched by the Government of India.

Finally , register your brand while completing the legal formalities. You can sell your chips to the market with your brand name in the package and it will help you to create your own customer base. The packaging also needs to be attractive.
Give a standard MRP to your product. You keep it low, initially to capture the market at the beginning . Later, you can budget it properly. . Sell the item a lower rate to the retailers as they are the one who will push your product to the customers. I hope this helps you to understand how to begin.

To get help in getting your registrations and licensing done hassle-free visit : They are a smart platform for all the Legal, Accounting and Compliance professional help who will ease setting up your business smoothly.

All the best !


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The first while any startup is to know your targeted customers and analyse your competitor it will help to analyse the success and failing of the business. Business is totally based on the fund that you have. The another thing is the plan that should be proper.