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Executive Summary

Mutual Farm is fundamental idea to link Investors, Farmers, land owners, and customers to function together to obtain from coordinated and well managed planning of utilities and resources to strive in agriculture.

We are initializing an outlook for an investor to be involved and a large scale business with minimal risk and maximum potential for benefits which is possible by direct access to the venture they are investing.

Our focus of the agriculture industry is the key pint of investment which is a significance of our project at this time of negligence to the backbone this nation.


Farmville for real life“
MutalFarm an Indian startup that helps ordinary citizens fund local farmers, and get a return on their investment, without having to know anything about doing plantation or growing trees. A kind of “Farmville for real life“, as it has been described.
Backers can simply register on the platform, decide how much to invest, the amount of seeds to be planted (the choice is between banana, peanuts and carrot), and wait for their money to bear fruit – in every sense.
An independent supervisor will verify the work of the professionals that maintain the farm, and sponsors will also be able to access a dashboard that shows real-time information about the trees latest condition, where they are located, and how much CO2 they have absorbed.
As the last parameter shows, the Mutualfarm project is not exactly your usual short-term focused, profit-driven, project.
Partly because, due to its own nature, investment in land does not always translate in fast, or even regular, returns –Nutmeg trees start flowering in the six th year, and are thought to reach their peak yield in 20 years– partly because the mission of the company is not only to make money but also to have a social impact.

“The idea came from our day to day problem, which is (how to provide) massive food supplies for India 1.3 billion population. We have enough fertile land but a lot of our land is idle or under utilized,”, “therefore we want to maximize the land utilization and to improve the environment as well.”


make idea for growing : friendly behavior with farmers and give a advice how do of forming Link many more food.


yes , we will having a group of experts from agriculture university for supporting us


Add small former such as a small pieces of agriculture fields and give advice for NAGADI Crop Like Sugar ken, Mango, Onion, potato, and vegetable… So increase of formers in your group.


we are taking the concept of contract farming idea so that all small farmers can unite under one roof and can be part of project


thanks for sharing this info!


You need investors! Investors will ivest money in your agriculture business only ifyou have a good business plan. To start with, read this article ogscapital . Anyway, I wish you good luck!


We r looking for Supply of organic & natural products directly from farmers, could some one help us, reach us SanjayKhivesra, Chennai.


Brilliant idea. My recommendation will be take up in a small way and do a pilot run. In a small scale experimentation, you will be able to experience the real challenges. You will have good amount of challenge from locals where the land is situated. You will need a good project manager cum finance manager, who understands how business drivers are eventually resulting in financial numbers. Let me know how Startup Success Era consulting can help.