Need Fund for Stock Market Trading Startup



Hello Everyone ,

Who am I ??

I am Saurabh from Gujarat. I have done Computer Engineering.

What Is My Idea ??

  • Like most of Us, I realized I don’t want to do a job then ended up in stock trading. After losing money and 2+ years of experience found and made one Trading strategy which can turn thousands into lacs and lacs into Crs.

  • This Strategy works on Our Indicies Nifty and Banknifty and it’s Option. I have done backtesting of this strategy too. And the problem is I don’t want to share how I developed this strategy and what are core things of it and all. I can show back-testing of this Method.

How I happened to develop this Idea(Strategy) ??

  • In April, I found one particular behavior of Our Indices and told my friends to Buy Nifty 9300 call at Rs 4. I ended up holding 8000 Qty of that call and then in next three days, it went to 60. So I made around 4 lac on investment of roughly 30-35k. (Got Profit sharing from it)

  • But I was not able to do it on regular basis with that consistency and missing out on such opportunity so I dug up more for 3-4 months and found something using which I can found such trade with Great Consistency.

Why Need Investment if I can multiply 30k into lac?

  • In Market, This types of Situation doesn’t happen every day maybe once in a month. So It can take me ages where I want to reach. This strategy has so much potential to make money that I want to make full use of it whenever it presents itself.

Let me know If Anyone Can help me with this. With Each Passing Day, I am missing out the chance of making money.


To be honest I am impressed at what you are trying to achieve. I want to know more.