Need guidance! What does it take to create/set-up a Blockchain based Business?



Greetings all,
Newbie to the forum… non-techie guy here. Need some understanding on how to create/set-up a Blockchain based Business in India.

Err… Demarcating my question as below:

  1. What is suggestible… learn coding or get developers to create a Blockchain set-up for the business?
  2. If learning is preferred, any course or video tutorial suggestions please!
  3. If it can be developed by coders… how difficult is to get the coders with the required skillset? Rather, what are the skillset required to be a great blockchain coder?
  4. Additionally, what would be suggested business avenues for Blockchain in the country? Any example on the same?

Would be really grateful if you can help me out with my queries.