Need help for my Returns



I am a resident of Mumbai but have left the city for good and have settled in South in a rented apartment. I will be filing my returns myself this time by myself as previous 15 years it was filed by the company directly and I just used to sign the return papers and later filed with 16 A & B form online.

My income are as follows:

Rent received from Mumbai house which is self owned: 51000 * 8 (Gave it on rent from August 2017) = 408000
Received PF as left the company after working for 11 years and 5 months: 196000
Interest received from above FD of 150000 till 31 March 2018: 4592
Full and Final Settlement from the last company: 72,822 (This includes Gratuity for working for 11 years, leave encashments for 55.3 days and salary for 18 days of April 2017)

Mediclaim: 10500
Paid Brokerage for lease of flat : 51000 (one month rent)
2 Children Fees from April 2017 to March 2018: 95000
Paid Rent for House in South from July 2017 to March 2018: 27000*9=243000

I want your help to let me know if I have to file returns at all. If I do have to file returns will all the above be covered and will I have to pay any tax.

Looking forward to your reply and positive response.


Sandeep Butaney