Need help,investment and co founder to start my own wallet


Hey i am planning to start a e-wallet obviously distinct from existing once. I need help to get a co founder, investment and need some help with some rbi guidelines too.


Hi @yatharthgupta112,
Can u give an idea what are your co-founder requirements .
I believe @ramana has a similar passion as yours , from what I discussed with him …
What I am personally curious to understand is why you think an e-wallet offering will disrupt the competition and be a economically viable Investment for partners and investors in your startup ?


Interesting. Here is someone you should talk to. Mosesd234(@)


Any security firm or highly trained security person or any person who can guidance and bring investment (if he feel idea is good enough) to idea.
And for investor my execution of e wallet will the gap between real wallet amd e wallet. And will also fill lots of gaps between potential user and local shop keepers.


Sir, whoes email id is this ?


Hello @yatharthgupta112,
Every entrepreneur is a bit of a daredevil , so congratulations on your spirit, but to take on existing players in the digital wallet space , you will first and foremost need a far more scientific approach.
Admin had recently posted a complete list of payment gateways operating in India which would firstly give u a basic idea of the mobile wallet players and more importantly the mobile ecosystem around it. I would suggest an exhaustive research into the list .

Complete List of Payment Gateways In India

Considering many of these payment gateway services might be classic startups in themselves (seed funded and born out of the will of ordinary folks like you and me ) you could even try getting employed at one of these startups to get an idea of the business cycle. This learning process can take from a year to several years depending on your thirst . Don’t look at Joining a payment gateway startup as joining the competition to learn the business , but rather look at yourself as someone who wished to learn how mobile commerce works , with the intent of wanting to revolutionise this space when you are professionally ( when u have a sound understanding of mcommerce principles ) and financially (so that U can start of with ur own minimal investment ) ready for it .
All the best


The companies in the link are mostly just payment gateway not e wallets. I m not currently looking to make a payment gateway because i can 2-3 year to get most of the banks attached to your company. Like freecharge they don’t have there own payment gateway like paytm they use ccavenue or citrus pay ad there payment gate ways.
And if wait for a 1 year or so they i wont be worth implementing my idea as by then the compitition will be impossible to compete with like samsung and apple pay will be also launching there wallet in a year or so.
Rbi has some guideline for even a closed wallet to have 5 crore evaluation so i can’t wait and invest on my own. So invest my own money is not a option.
Currently the major competitors will be paytm, mobiwik and frecharge. But paytm is doing far better thing then others so they will be most difficult to compete with.


The idea behind having an indepth look at payment gateways is to ascertain how mcommerce works from an end to end perspective. As you rightly surmise, it can take upto 2-3 years for the various regulatory reasons , coupled with the fact that these are macro-economic partnerships that have largely been the domain of big players so for a rank outsider it is almost impossible to penetrate.You core offering might not be a payment gateway implementation , or even a mobile wallet but in order to participate in mobile commerce industry the first thing is an indepth understanding of the market forces and the players involved, which should enable you to present your skills as a e-commerce m-commerce solution provider, even if it means partnering with existing players . Hence the reason i was suggesting you to meet up with those payment gateway startups and begin networking with them. Sooner or later you are bound to hit upon an opportunity in the space, which you and your new found contacts can exploit.[quote=“yatharthgupta112, post:8, topic:5223”]
And if wait for a 1 year or so they i wont be worth implementing my idea as by then the compitition will be impossible to compete with like samsung and apple pay will be also launching there wallet in a year or so.
The whole idea of entering a market like mobile commerce in India is to be a differentiator, and add value to the industry. The kind of security and features that ApplePay and Samsung Pay will offer indian customers is going to be almost impossible to beat, EXCEPT if you can come up with a specific feature with your knowledge of the indigenous aspects of trade and commerce in India.

Can you give us some insight into your background in this space ?


We are investors, looking to invest in small start-ups in & around Mumbai region.


I live in delhi would you like to invest in delhi too ?


I think i might be offer better features them apple and samsung pay but yes they have more influence and money to make good product. But i think as far as i have read abotu there features i can give customers better and more feature then them.but yes security is the major issue but still it can be worked upon by partnering with some good security company.


Hey @yatharthgupta112,
If you need any help in hacking the security layer , do ping me .
I would love to discuss and understand how we can make mobile commerce more secure , what are the existing pitfalls and how we can add value.


It’s well worth taking the time to think about what you really want from your investments.Knowing yourself, Your needs and goals and your appetite for risk is a good start. Think about how soon you need to get your money back. Time frames vary for different goals and will affect the type of risks you can take.


Please share the e-wallet plans and the USPs which you thinking will distinct your e-wallet from others.
Also what is your qualification and work experience to understand yours skills.

Gurpreet Singh Gujral


Any update about your wallet?


Hi This is Veena, want to satrt Recruitment firm, how much you are interrested to invest


you can private message me.


I have the same passion and also have plans ready to execute…Can u contact me?


Hi, I have been reading about startups and investors for a long time now and after a brief research I have come across a few investors which would really be interested in your firm. One of the most influential investor I feel is Praveen Sinha (former co-founder Jabong). He really is keen in investing in startups with a unique idea. Sharing the link with you if you wish to know more.


I definitely need some help. Contact me through email dasarghyadeep000■ or phone number 7685862007