Need of having "Technology Entrepreneurship consultant Network" on Internet


For people who want to venture into different segment of Technology Entrepreneurship, there is critical demand of consultant network who can help them set up factory as well Government Regulations/Certifications & new Start up policies & subsidies.

This could be bright e-commerce business idea…How many of you agree…??


Totally agree with you Rushi,

I’m game. Wanna start?

I mean this very seriously.


I agree to your proposition. Very few consultants are reachable in the market. Many of them are just web developers posing as consultants. We need a consultant network which could identify the right ones and maybe certify them.


Any idea is a great idea as long as you can get sufficient participation on it to go over the hill, make a pitch deck and present it to a couple of investors.

An On-Demand Consultant Network is not a new concept in the Technology Professional Ecosystem, ever since the birth of the social networking phenomenon.
Take for entrepreneur’s and tech related subjects, for Web Designers , for financial accounting.
If you research on the net this has been in vogue for at least 10 years and counting…

Being an SAP Consultant in my corporate stint, this idea had occured to me for an enterprise consultant network, but Corporate Silos exist for a reason and networking across organizations has its own subjective and ethical challenges.

Government Bodies, Civic Municipal Corporattons again the system i believe is deliberately diversified to accommodate the bureaucracy (a throwback to our pre-independence legacy) and for a single network to accommodate all the challenges of Startup’s , i think the closest they have come to is the MCA Portal and any related automation of the same via the Make in India initiative.

What exactly is your idea ? If you can brief it out i am sure it will make it a lot easier for you to understand if it is something new in the works .



If you are looking for an Independent Consultant Network, I can help you out. You can try using UpKonnect. It is easy to navigate and you can seek Expert Advice or hire an Expert for an consulting assignment.

Hope it Helps. Thanks!