Need strategy and advice on promoting a handy tool



Need strategy and advice on promoting a handy tool, onepage website

Community members i would appreciate if you suggest great growth ideas to promote a simple tool like this.

Launch ideas and web resources , Links suggestions or examples would be a great start.

If you feel some addon feature can make it more suitable for getting featured please do suggest


I just checked your website but not found any way to use the tool. Its just a single screen webpage. How it works?


The important thing right now for you is not to market this handy tool service yet, at least until you have a working website for people to get-in and see whats its all about.

Once the website is ready, please read this for some standard understanding of marketing to the consumer user.

Launch Ideas - try a service video and promote it on supporting video platforms like youtube and facebook

Hope this answers some of your questions.


Hello, friend! Feel free to consult with the guys from marketing community. They elaborated a great marketing strategy to promote my products and helped me implement it properly. I’m sure they’ll help you too!


Spend some time to improve your web page so that the visitors can convert into the customers. after the optimizing the web page you may go with social media marketing and article submission related to your tool.