Need to know the legal steps before my website startup



Hi every one. i am going to startup my classified website in few months but i don’t know the legal steps i have to take before my site launch. i am a programmer and 4m kolkata. if anyone can help me with or if give me reference with whom i can talk to in kolkata it will be big help for me.


hi @himadri
nice to see you start a new startup, you have to follow this steps. steps 1 and 2 done by any C.A.

  1. register your firm with any name if it is private than ok otherwise better to register as LLP - Cost Rs.2500/- to 5000/- = time: 15 days to 30 days with digital signature.
  2. Register your logo with trademark under the firm( firm name and your website name an be different if you want) - trademark + register = Rs.10000/- = Time: 1-2 month with digital signature
  3. make a current account in any good bank after you received pan number after registration. cost = min amount as per bank from Rs.2500/- (BOB) up to Rs.25000/-(HDFC).

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I would suggest don’t bother about the legal issues. Nothing you’ll do in the next 6-12 months will be close to being illegal & have any impact on your startup’s future.

You must make sure you maintain a record of all expenses you incur. That’s about it.

Focus on developing an awesome product which people will use & let nothing else distract you.
All the best!


Add site rules ( Terms & Privacy Policy). Besides this nothing is required to start a classified website.


Thanks everyone for replying me with your best ability.

today i contact with they will do the rest for me. i just need to submit all the required docs to them and they will complete my company registration for me.

Information regarding One Person Company

  1. Cost

Rs. 11499/-
Inclusive of all taxes & government fees

  1. What you get

• 1 x Digital Signature
• 1 x Director Identification Number
• Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association
• Name Approval & Certificate of Incorporation
• PAN & TAN Application
• CA support
3. Scanned Documents Needed

For 1 Director + 1 Nominee

  1. Pan Card
  2. Identity proof (Aadhar card / Driving License / Passport / Voter ID)
  3. Passport Photo
  4. Address Proof (Mobile Bill / Latest Bank Statement / Electricity Bill )
  5. DSC Form for Foreign Citizens / NRIs

For Company Office

  1. One of the following
    a) For rented property - Rent Agreement (Notarised)
    b) For own Property (Director / Relative) - Registry Proof / House Tax Receipts
  2. Latest Electricity Bill / Water Bil / Gas Bill / Mobile - Landline Bil
  3. NOC from the owner property to the name of any director

After Name Approval Notarization will be done by us,you just need to sign the following documents:-

  1. INC-2 / INC-10 (Self Attested)
  2. INC-9 (Notarized by us)
  3. Affidavit (Notarized by us)

Printed / Hard Copies are not needed

what all of think about it?


In addition to what @bhavin and @conversity have said I would add that it’s great u are a programmer , so u can be independent .

  • The advantage of OPC is u get the freedom of a sole proprietorship minus the liability .
  • You and your company (of which you are the sole independent director ) are two different legal entities .Hence your personal and inherited assets will not come under any purview even if your company down the line faces any legal issues / compensation etc .
  • You can get co-founders to join your OPC as associate director , but in the normal case of a company limited by shares , they cannot hold equity stake in the company.
  • An OPC director cannot hold directorship in any other private / public limited company . In case you wish to work with other startups / established companies the best legal way is to offer your services as a consultant to such firms .
  • One of the greatest overheads I face is with CA and auditing fees in the first few years which costs about 15000₹ a year , but based on my interactions with others ,there’s nothin you can do about that , since that’s the way the system is structured in our country even for startups .
  • In that same thread even office rental , and Internet charges are a overhead , though coworking spaces do offer a cost effective alternative to entrepreneurs.
  • Starting a company is a serious business and as the forum posters mentioned take time of to think a lot about it before you venture down that road .
  • Personally I think it’s a good idea to save up at least a year(or two) worth of cash for your expenditures , and take a health insurance cover which costs about 5000₹ a year , so that you can focus on building a great product / service , without letting money and life’s uncertainties come in the way of your entrepreneurial ambitions.
    All the best !


thanks @bhargav @conversity @Bhavin @Ron. as all of you mention right now i leave the worry about legal action and focus in my development. but another thing is do i need to register my site Terms & Privacy Policy and Refund Policy…if yes then where and how?


If you could be a bit more specific about the nature of your classified business, where you see possible copyright infringement, potential for illegal usage of site material etc, i am sure a Company Secretary or a Legal Secretary , or even an expert entrepreneur can give you specific advise on it.

However, maybe this post would give you more information in this regard.

On startups forum i believe @andria from had posted their service offering some time back, though you have to check with them if they offer services in Kolkata. Legal | Incorporation | Trademark | Free Legal Advice


Register your company name and logo, get the reademark. It’s important to maintaining all the records properly.