Need To Sell my 2 Developed Products


We are a start-up in Bangalore called Annona IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and have developed 2 Software - 1 for Advocates and 1 is a Gaming Software. The software for advocates is a complete end-to-end software for advocates along with a provision for his assistants whom he can allocate menus and cases as he wants. We have already started to market it in India and Nigeria.

The Gaming Software is unique as it is a game of numbers with 6 games to be played simultaneously. The revenues are through advertisements, where 60% of the revenues will go back to the winners in form of prizes and Gift Vouchers and the balance to be paid as tax, CSR and Royalties or Earnings. We envisage a minimum earning of Rs.10 Crore per annum.

I also open to anyone who wants to buy off the software from me.





Congratulations on your software products. I think your advocate software might have potential. I don’t know much about gaming software. Regarding your advocate software why don’t you do direct sales in India. You need to hire couple of sales people and give them commission based on the sales.