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Hai. I am Vishnu from Madurai, Tamilnadu. I am working in a Pharma company as a Manager for Quality Assurance from 2003. I have vast experience in handling a pharma company. I thought of starting a company but I am not having enough funds to start.

So I planned to run a export import agency part time and to market products of other companies and to get revenue by working part time from home. I have started and registered for GST and Udyog Aadhar. But things are not going well and I can’t focus in that while working.

Now there are so many problems in my company around me and I am going to resign from the company and its necessary for me to start anything on my own. My goal is to start something on my own and to give job to others. So this is my story and I need suggestion that

  • what business can I start ( i have experience in Pharma company. So I am thinking of starting a small scale Pharma company or a neutraceutical manufacturing company)
  • Is there any other business I can focus now?
  • I have 3- 5 lakh INR in hand and I can invest that and I have to get loan from bank for more investment

Please suggest me

Please mail me also if required or contact me on whatsapp also vishnusank1■ +919865336055



1- Initially start building a market by trading or getting products through contract manufacturing. Don’t lock your funds in building manufacturing facility. Build market, customer and company and then think for manufacturing unit.
2- As you have great experience in Pharma - Please study the demand-supply angle from customer perspective. You will identify gaps - it might be product / service. Then you only will get so many ideas to start with.
3- Don’t just think, act and proceed. There are many people who want to start something but they keep on thinking only.
4- No Idea is good or bad - What matters are right people and meticulous execution.

Best Luck,
Yogesh Thite,
Startup Mentor,



I feel really happy that you have decided to start on your own and provide employment to many.
My two cents are as follows :

  1. Before starting the company, expend time on your network which you have acquired through your experience.
  2. you yourself is the best person to decide what to start ranging from a SMB in pharma to a manufacturing, i say so because you have experience in the field and only you know what is enthusiastic for you.
  3. Once you have established with your network your agenda of starting out, a lot of people will come towards you with a serving notion Take and extract good juice from it.
  4. Make sure from the start that the company has a digital edge. Start small but start right.

All the Best
Take care


@IamYogeshMT Thanks for the great advice sir.


@Robert_Brown Thanks for the advice. Can you please elaborate?



Can you tell me which points I should elaborate on.?


@Robert_Brown I am unable to understand what you are trying to say. Please explain me.