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Hello Friends, I am Vishnu from Madurai Tamilnadu India. I am currently working in a pharma manufacturing company as a Manager for Quality Assurance department. I am now willing to resign and start something on my own. I am having some ideas which includes food processing unit based on Packaged foods like Semi-processed Roti Making or Chips making, Export oriented agency, Food supplement production company, like that. Please suggest me if these are ok and shall I continue for these. I have 2.5 lakh in hand and I can arrange 3 lakh more by bank loan. Please Reply here or on my mail id vishnusank1 at gmail dot com or at my whatsapp +919865336055, Thanks.


Hello Vishnu !!
I Will Suggest Please Move On its very Good Business Project. its Profitable , Demanded, Futuristic .
PAT & ROI is Good
You Can Start with Small Investment as demand Increases You Can Expand the Capacity.
Again I Will Suggest Please Start Preparation
I Am Mailing you the Survey & Material Information For Food Processing Sector it will Really Help a lot to Understand Various aspect to Start Food Processing Business & All the Financial & Legal Points You Have To Keep In Mind & also How To Prepare as Per You Investment Plan & Budget

We are Providing Legal, Financial & Company Law Consultancy Services for New Business & Startup
For Eg. From Pan Card to Commencement of Business.


Dear Vishnu,

Congratulations for deciding to be an Entrepreneur. The following are my suggestions:

  1. Make a provision for your monthly expenses for one year and put them in a separate bank account.

  2. Do NOT go for any kind of loan - either from Bank or from friends/relatives - start small and generate cash every day. Remember ‘Lion dates’ story.

  3. Build good reputation with one store - do not expand till you generate surplus cash.

  4. Open 2nd store in another locality after one year. Don’t be a a hurry. The world will be there for ever.

  5. Consolidate your position in the market as you grow. Don’t run. Keep moving steadily.

  6. Don’t worry about registrations, exports, branding in the first year.

  7. Cash is King. Create sufficient reserves.

Wish you all success.

Shiva Kumar
Startup Mentor, Hyderabad.


Hello Sir / Madam, Thanks for the prompt reply. Please mail me the details on vishnusank1atgmaildotcom or please contact me in whatsapp +91 98653 36055


Hello Sir, Thanks for the prompt reply. Please mail me the details on vishnusank1atgmaildotcom or please contact me in whatsapp +91 98653 36055 so we can discuss in further and I need your guidance for starting this business


Hey vishnu If you want to start a business with low investment then you need to have some good business idea. So here You can find best ideas for starting a business with minimum investment at SureJob . I am sure you will find your solutions soon. Good luck


can you share your personal contact number So i will provide more information about starting a company


Thanks for the reply. You can contact me on my whatsapp +919865336055.



Dear Vishnu,

Please send your Business Plan (one pager) to sk959■ I will go through the same and get back to you.

Best wishes,

Shiva Kumar.


Hello Sir, Thanks for the reply. I didnt created any business plan. I need guidance. please contact me on whatsapp +919865336055 so we can discuss and go further. Thanks a lot again…!


Hello Sir…,


We are also planning to expand our business to packed food. We are planning to start the new venture by Jan 2018. So we could be in contact and share our products and can work together in Export part.

We are currently located in Tirunalveli.


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Hello, Thanks for the reply, Please contact me on whatsapp +919865336055. I am from Madurai.



sorry late for late reply I will contact you soon.


Dear Vishnu,

Business plans can’t be decided by chatting. Prepare a document about

  1. your background
  2. What you want to do
  3. What are the ways you want to make money.
  4. What is the budget you have allocated for this venture

We can build a business from there.

Best wishes

Shiva Kumar.


Could you please mail the Survey & Material Information mentioned here to my email gaimpexmd■ I am looking for similar startup and so it would help me too. I will get back to you through mail once I have gone through it. Thanks in advance.


Hello Vishnu,
Congratulations on deciding to be an entrepreneur. You have chosen the right decision for yourself, but also be ready to have sleepless nights. Starting up your business is not as easy as people usually think. It requires extra efforts, passion, dedication and still many things. You have to consider not only what amount of profit it will generate for you, but also the negative consequences of it. Take advice from people who have already started up similar business, also visit their plant/factory/industry. Try every possible course of action in order to learn things.
Once you are ready with your decision register your company. Registering your Company means legally getting the right to do business in India, registration of company is also known as formation of business or incorporation of company. If you want to register your company then you can apply it offline as well as online . For the online registration you have to visit the site that provides online company registration . MyeFilings is one the company which provide quick registration services online.


HEY Vishnu congratulation and u take good decision I have one business idea bakeries and their outlet it is good
option of small business and food supplement.


Please let me know the details my whatsapp number +919865336055



If you have some of vendors or partner with whom you are going to start up the business then talk to them.Startup your business before you resign and if at the beginning you would get the signs about the whole expenditure and your financial state.So if you can manage all amount easily then go for it.But remember sometimes you might have to go through loss or crises for short period of time if you are into business. so ever business person should have at-least the amount of back up where they can recover the loss.


Hi, Starting a new own business is a good thing. But you have to prepare a lot. Apart from market conditions, you have to think about your backup support also.

Also, it is not defined, when you start earning a good profit from your business and when it will be settled up. You have to struggle a lot may be for few months without getting a good amount of profit and in some cases, also need to keep investing from your own pocket.

You can get help from your local business organizations or institutions to set-up the business and other related documents.