New app for entertainment- targeted at mass public



i. So basically the app is aimed at people who are interested in competitive sports. are so many teenagers or adults who want to play a competitive game say a 5 aside football match but dont have an opponent to play against.
iii. Take me for an example, I have a 5 aside team but I want to play against a new opponent in my age category.
iv. First thing is that you register on the app, your name, place you live etc or you can directly get logged on with Facebook.
v. So now there will be many categories, Under 14, Under 16, Under 18
vi. So now I have a team who wants to play a Under 16 football match, so now what you do is you go on that category of Under 16 and there will be an option saying “create challenge”.
vii.So here you can give a description of what you are looking for - eg. 5 aside game, location, timings and date.
viii. After this you publish your challenge. This will now be saved under the under 16 football Category and everyone would be able to see your challenge.
ix. So now a stranger team sees this feed and is interested in playing, he can message you in the app and you can now discuss the details of the game
x.Now say that you decide that you want to play the match against his team, the other team member would have to click on the bar saying "Challenge Accepted"
xi. So once this is done your post would be gone from the Under 16 football catergoy because you have found an opponent.
xii. Like this we can have many more categories under different sports like football, basketball, cricket, etc
xiii. Especially, so many cooperate leagues and tournaments take place around the city, this could be of mass appeal

  • The best part about this app is that it just doesnt have to be restricted to just sports. It can be even used for people who are interested in music. Say now you want to jam with different people, you can just put your message under the music category and many people interested can see it.

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